Bovet OttantaSei designed by Pininfarina

THIS FOURTH TOURBILLON marks a significant turning point in the development of the collection while simultaneously highlighting the Pininfarina distinctive design codes. The Tourbillon OTTANTASEI remains faithful to the essential lines that characterize the collection laid down by the Tourbillon Ottanta® in 2010.

Bovet by Pininfarina Flying Tourbillon OTTANTASEI

Bovet OttantaSei designed by Pininfarina: lightness and transparency

When the Bovet manufacture joined forces with the most famous name in Italian design to implement a watchmaking project, the result was an outstanding collection of timepieces.

by Marco Gabella – What follows is a guided trip into a wealth of both stylistic and technological skills, with the latest watch in the saga, the flying tourbillon OttantaSei. Often, watch design consists merely in integrating an existing movement into a case, so the designer’s scope is limited by the size and architecture of the caliber. This method makes development of a model somewhat easier, however, it does not really allow for any horological innovation. At best, it will have an effect on the finishing or the materials used.

Pininfarina and Bovet partnership

It was in 2007 that the partnership between BOVET 1822 and Pininfarina was formed.

The meeting of Pascal Raffy and Paolo Pininfarina, and the human values they share, gave rise to the now legendary BOVET by Pininfarina collection. With the complementarity of two family Houses, each respected for its unique talent, came a shared and heartfelt desire to redefine genuine luxury: a level of excellence synonymous with good taste, attained by constant and meticulous attention to detail.

Bovet and Pininfarina introduce the sculptural OttantaSei

For their sixth collaboration, the Turin-based design factory and the Swiss watchmaking brand have bared the heart of the new Ottantasei to show its complexity. The transparency of the case gives access to a movement that features both Swiss technique and Italian aesthetics.

by Louis Nardin – The designers working at Pininfarina’s headquarters in Cambiano (near Turin) admit that even after eight years of collaboration with Bovet, they are still amazed by the micrometric watch scale to which they always have to readjust themselves.

Bovet 1822 by Pininfarina: need for speed

When two of the most influential and respected brands in their respective industries join forces, amazing products are created. This is the case of Swiss watch brand Bovet 1822 and Italian car design legend Pininfarina, whose perfect pairing gave rise to the Bovet by Pininfarina watch range.

by Valeria Garavaglia – The collaboration started in 2008, when Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822 and of DIMIER 1738 Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale, and Paolo Pininfarina, the group’s president and CEO, randomly met at an historical cars fair in California. They immediately found that their companies had many things in common, especially in terms of values and vision. “At Bovet 1822, the human being is essential, and so is for Pininfarina”, explains Pascal Raffy. “Cars and watches - adds Paolo Pininfarina - share the same values: design and performance”.

Pascal Raffy and Paolo Pininfarina interviewed on the Bovet OttantaSei

Review: Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei 10-Day Tourbillon

Imagine that you mix one of the best actual manufactures, known for mastering skeletonized movements and tourbillons, with what is certainly the most famous car designer of the last 60 years.

by Frank Geelen – It does sound like an interesting promise! And clearly, the Bovet Pininfarina OttantaSei 10-Day Tourbillon is a very appealing watch, resulting of a partnership between the watch manufacture Bovet and the legendary designer Pininfarina. Using the bold codes of the brand, we now have a light, highly aerial piece of sporty wristwatch, with a strong horological content, worthy to be called haute-horlogerie. We told you, an interesting mix!

The Bovet OttantaSei by Pininfarina reviewed

A more integrationist approach to collaborative watchmaking: meet the Bovet OttantaSei by Pininfarina .

by Amr Sindi – Some of the best concepts are born from the coming together of two entirely different yet equally creative and passionate forces. With Bovet’s singular OttantaSei, it’s immediately clear that an entity outside the watchmaker had its hands in its conception. And that entity is none other than the most revered design firm of them all, Pininfarina.